Insightful Monday Week 51



Most Sundays, my husband and I find ourselves surrounded by family or relaxed at home. Not often are we busy running around consumed by another “To-do” list items. Sunday is a day I look forward to every week, it is almost as if I have allowed myself a day to relax and to only do the things I enjoy.

I think this weeks quote has a message beyond what you do on Sundays. Making time to spend with family once a week is a priority to us, which we enjoy very much. Never having a break from life’s many demands is toxic, not just to you but those who surround you. Every weekend my Facebook news feed is packed with parents sharing their children’s endless amount of sporting commitments and I think, “Are you providing your children opportunities or are you teaching them in order to be successful and ‘accomplished’ you need to be involved in a hundred things?”

I would ask you to sit with that thought instead of responding immediately.

Give yourself a break, let your mind relax and spend time with those you love. It is therapeutic.




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