Newly Graduated? Want a Promotion? Think again.

So you have graduated university or college, have your first job and have worked your rear off for over a year. You deserve a raise and promotion, right? Think again.

PWB_LadderAs a member of Generation Y, I must admit I am somewhat ashamed of a portion of my generation. Scrolling through my newsfeed, reading countless articles on job trending, Generation Studies on work habits and my own interactions, Gen Y… why do so many of us want the world but aren’t willing to work for it?

A bold statement? Perhaps. Yet, I can’t tell you how many times I have heard friends and acquaintances either complaining they haven’t received a promotion yet (after only a year or 2 of work) or they are looking for another job because “movement” in their current role isn’t happening fast enough. My first thought… and sometimes response… “Here’s a thought, why don’t you work for it?!”

I have been graduated and officially working in my industry for just over 6 years. I have made one lateral move between companies and had one official promotion. I consider that a lot. Before my promotion, I considered the amount of work I was doing to be significant. My promotion came when our department was downsized and my workload literally doubled. I can assure you however, my pay absolutely did not double. Most people’s first thought may be, “She should have quit and found a new job.” My question to them would be, “But why?”

I am young and need to gain experience. My current employer provides me the absolute best opportunity to gain new skills and the exposure to areas that I wouldn’t necessarily have working somewhere else. That exposure is priceless.

Maintaining the same employer for 4 years with evidence of increased job responsibility strengthens my resume in comparison to those who “job hop”. Job hopping occurs when one takes a position for 1-2 years and changes employers, often looking for a promotion. Forbes published an article (found here) that discusses how job hopping actually works against you, even if the movement is for a better title. Job hopping dominates the Y Generation and is an aspect I am ashamed of.

In the first 6+ years of working, this is what I have learned:

– Just because you work hard doesn’t mean you deserve a promotion, you deserve to keep your job.

– Money isn’t everything, recognize a good opportunity to learn.

– You need to prove yourself, being the young one means you need to put your time in (aka-long hours!).

– If you have an office job, get there early and/or stay late. Your boss will notice.

– Ask for opportunities to expand your skills, not for a promotion. Demonstrate you have the capacity to take on that promotion.

– OH… and did I mention… MONEY AND TITLE ISN’T EVERYTHING! Get comfy and work hard.



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