What’s up in our Hood!

I have knowingly been MIA in the last few weeks, for no other reason than being busy. That isn’t an excuse, just a reality. I made the conscious choice to focus on other things than my blog. Life is all about choices, right?

Yesterday, I coudn’t find a quote that felt right. I looked over the weekend and up until last night. Nothing. I didn’t want to simply put a quote up for Insightful Mondays for the sake of it, so I made a choice not too. Instead, I am giving you an update on what is creating all the silly busy in our household.

There is a saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, well this should say enough…


That my friends is our bathroom. Nightmare, right?

I love renovations. I love redecorating. I love making things look beautiful. This renovation, has been a complete nightmare.

I must admit, we started it a horrible time, we truly didn’t have time to do the work that was required. My husband and I discovered sharing one bathroom as an alternative just doesn’t work for us. Lastly, it is true when you hear people say every part of a renovation that could go wrong has, for us I can assure you it seems to have all gone sideways.

Thankfully, I have a fantastic brother-in-law that has agreed to help us get the work done. It is slowly coming together, thank goodness.

Since April, lasting until July, is my insane time of year at work. Between traveling alot and working very long hours, I was studying for a final exam I had for my graduate studies. My husband is no better, he is off the chart busy too. It all comes down to wanting to accomplish alot and being determined. We both are ambitious individuals, that is what happens, we are busy.

So there you have it, an update on what’s up in our hood!

Stay tune… before and after pictures will be coming soon!


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