How much did it cost?| Bathroom Renovation

Kitchener-20140605-00287 Our bathroom needed a cosmetic facelift, as the “bones” of the bathroom were in good shape. We decided to keep the flooring, bathtub/shower and vanity. Since were keeping the major elements of the bathroom, the renovation was considered a facelift rather than a complete “gut-job”. My original budget for the bathroom was $1,500. I spent almost $2,500.

Here is why…

At the beginning of the renovation our toilet was in good working order. It decided to break, requiring us to purchase a new one.

Due to the age of the home, the bathroom didn’t have a fan because it wasn’t required by building code in the 1960s. During our original home inspection, we were informed it would be in our best interest to put a fan in. My husband wanted to do the fan at the same time as the renovation.

A few years ago, I won a faucet and sink at a golf tournament. I loved them both. During our countertop install, I found out the faucet didn’t fit the sink and I needed to purchase a new faucet.

Finally, during the removal of the previous tile we realized the plumbing wasn’t in the greatest shape, so we decided to hire a professional to fix some of the pipes and install shutoffs under the sink.

Due to the project add-ons, my original budget grew to an overspend of $1,000. I am a very budget oriented person, so going that much over budget drives me crazy. BUT… I have a beautifully finished bathroom now!

Here is the breakdown of costs:

  Cosmetics      $1,203

– New Hardware     $28

– Mirror   $150

– Faucet     $150

– Countertop      $400

– Tile    $275

– Miscellaneous Material   $125

– Sink   $0 (Free gifted)

– Decor     $75

Mechanics   $1,250

– Electrical (Fan and re-wiring)   $650

– Plumbing   $300

– Toilet     $300

Grand Total = $2,453


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