Shut the Front Door!!

No, actually… Can you please shut the front door?

Do you know how many times this question has been asked in our home over the last 4 years? Many… many… many times.

The front door doesn’t close properly, allowing air loss and is just plain ugly. In case you are wondering, I did put the star on the door to somewhat hide the ugliness. My husband absolutely detests that star, with threats of burning it several times… Gezz, is it THAT bad?!

frontdoor2Our home was built in the 1960s and over the years all the windows and doors have been replaced, except the front door. Why you may ask? Well, as years pass by builder’s standards change and this family has fallen victim to those changes. The size of our front door opening (including the sidelites) is more than a foot wider than what is considered “standard”.

You know what that means… CUSTOM! Chu-ching!! $$$

frontdoor1 Here is the thing, we have went down this road before. Yes, we have already went through this process, same door, same house.

Back-up-the-truck about 18 months, we had several quotes completed by local door companies. We decided on the style and company, placing our order with true excitement! I could not wait to have this very ugly, poorly functioning door out of my life. Fast forward 8 weeks, our door was supposed to be delivered to the company on a Friday, Thursday night the factory burned to the ground with our door inside. No door, no replacement and another winter with drafting cold air.

Yes, that actually happened… the question of “Are you serious?!” when I tell people never gets old.

Adding to the frustration of not having the door replaced, this past winter was the coldest on record in YEARS! Why not, right? The front foyer was absolutely freezing.

Now, we begin round two. I cannot accurately describe how excited I am to have this front entry rebuilt. It will make a huge difference to the look of our home and our utility bills!

Stay tune for our front concept and design plans 🙂



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