Wedding| Planner vs. Coordinator- What’s better for you!?

77_fcHQM0ltdy4Jq1l1Michelle is back from A Dream to Call Your Own Wedding Consulting!

Last time Michelle was here, she discussed the need for a wedding registry. Who knew there was so many things to consider when creating your registry!?

Now let’s all take a moment for a little honesty here, a wedding is a massive undertaking. Plain and simple.

I have lived through it myself, the process is most definitely not easy. If you are recently engaged, you will quickly realize the benefits of having a little help. Most of us have family and friends to lend a helping hand throughout process, but you can’t use those people for “day-of” tasks because they will be part of your special day. A wedding co-ordinator is a fantastic way to get those day-of tasks looked after without breaking the bank or distracting one of your guests.

Recently, I was discussing with Michelle some of the main differences between a wedding planner and a wedding co-ordinator. Here is what she had to say:

“As a wedding planner and co-ordinator, I have learned to become a jack of all things wedding! When duty calls or trouble strikes (those of you in the process or having planned a wedding know that obstacles arise when you least expect it), I need to be there before any one is the wiser! I am the one that takes a couple’s united vision and helps make it become the reality that is the wedding of their dreams.

What is the difference between a “wedding planner” and “wedding coordinator”?

A wedding planner and coordinator are very similar however the difference lies in the role they play leading up to the day and the execution and co-ordination of the day.

A wedding coordinator usually has limited involvement leading up to the day of, however I like to meet with my couples a few times with my wedding preparation package to make sure everything is all set and they are staying on task. As a coordinator my main role is to oversee the actual wedding by managing all the details that the bride and groom have planned and bring everything together as they have envisioned. This takes all the stress out of the bride and grooms day and allows their guests to relax and enjoy themselves! Venues love us as well because it takes much of their potential workload off so they can focus on what they have been hired for and not all the added extras that are required to be set up as well.

Our wedding planning package allows us to walk along side the couple, adding our expertise to their planning, recommending local vendors that are reliable and experts in their field and that we know will do any amazing job in executing their vision. It includes looking over and negotiating contracts, creating and designing their vision, keeping the couple on track with their timelines and most importantly keeping them within or below their budget, plus so much more! I have even been honoured to be asked by the bride to attend bridal shops with her to help her “Say YES, to the dress!”

A wedding planner becomes quite close with the bride and groom as they become involved in almost every part of a couples day. One of my favourite memories was when a bride and groom were just about to be announced as mr and mrs for the first time and the bride looked at me as asked, “Can we be friends after my wedding?” This attests to how close you really do become! This is a great option for couples who aren’t quite sure where to start and want a planner to walk along with them in all stages of planning.

A wedding planner or coordinator works for the bride and groom! Not the venue, not the photographer or any other vendor, but for the couple. We are where you can’t be to make sure your day goes off without a hitch!”

If you are in the process of planning your wedding, I would highly recommend hiring a wedding planner. Perhaps your budget is limited, in which case a wedding co-ordinator is an excellent option to make many headaches disappear!

Feel free to visit Michelle’s website for package details, prices and contact information.

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