Front Door Design Ideas

Stepping foot in any home renovation store or design warehouse makes my mind full of excitement! I begin to dream of all the possibilities. The options available to make our home beautiful are endless.

Without warning, reality comes knocking and I am reminded of the dreaded budget. Whomp whomp…

I say dreaded not because I wish to overspend or forget financial limitations, I simply wish limitations didn’t exist. Can we all dream of an endless money flow?? Just for a moment… ahh! To dream…

Now, where was I… Ah yes, stepping into the warehouse. Even with the various options available, I had a pretty set idea of what I wanted for our front door and entry way. My husband has been fantastic with letting me run with the design. Due to the age of the door frame, we need to have the door, sidelites and frame replaced. The size of our door opening, including the frame, is very large. We could fit a double door and sidelite into the opening but after walking around our neighbourhood and seeing other homes similar to ours with double doors, my husband and I decided we preferred the look of a single. Specifically, an oversized single door.



Knowing we want an oversized single door, I wanted a door with interesting detail. We will have two massive sidelites on each side of the door still, providing a significant amount of natural light. Having glass in the door itself, in addition to the sidelites, would be too much exposure into our home. After many hours of cruising Pinterest, I found the colour and door style I have my dreams set on!

Door Style


Now, add two sidelites double the size of the one below and there you have it… our new front entry!




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