Tips from a Wedding Planner

michellem2Our resident wedding guru is back, sharing her tips when planning your special day! There are so many things to think stress about, one often has no idea where to start or who to ask when they run into an issue… trust me there will be issues!

This is what Michelle from A Dream to Call Your Own Wedding Consulting had to say when I asked her about the most commonly forgotten or overlooked items:

A few things couples forget to think about and where a wedding coordinator comes in handy are:

  • A pen for the signing of the marriage certificate- it can be noticeable when a regular generic ballpoint is used.
  • A cake knife for the cutting of the cake – especially since the cutting of the cake is usually photographed.
  • A vendor table and meal – vendors are usually working the longest and hardest at times up to 12- 16 hours on your wedding day. Keep them energized, hydrated, and have a place for them to sit since it’s a long day on their feet.
  • Chargers for lap tops, iPads, or phones – I’ve been witness to the impromptu speech that occurred when the original was on an uncharged phone.
  • Stay within your budget but prioritize or splurge on the things that are most important to you. For some it’s your photos which will keep your memories, for others it may be food, decor or the dress.
  • Skip the rituals you don’t like. For example it’s not for everyone to have a bouquet and garter toss. Just because it’s at many weddings you’ve attended doesn’t mean it’s a must.

Most of all remember, a wedding planner or coordinator works for the bride and groom! Not the venue, not the photographer or any other vendor, but for the couple. We are where you can’t be to make sure your day goes off without a hitch!



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