Insightful Monday Week 67


After experiencing some technical difficulties yesterday, my Insightful Monday quote had to wait. In a mere 24 hours, what my post would have been speaking about has changed dramatically. Within moments of announcing Robin William’s death, the news went viral. My entire newsfeed on every social media outlet was packed with photos and quotes from the famous actor.

Yesterday, my quote asking you to inspire someone came from recently witnessing so many selfish people; all too consumed by their own lives, problems and perceived importance to acknowledge the people around them. Those observations still exist, however Robin Williams’ passing demonstrated how one person affected so many people, provided them laughter and entertainment. It is simply remarkable.

Inspiring those around you does not come from selfish ignorance. Taking a moment to ask those around you how they are doing or what they have consumed their time with may spark an opportunity to not only inspire them but be inspired by their passion. Busy is not an excuse, nor is busy a reason to stop conversations about life’s many pleasures.



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