More than just a hat.


I love this hat. This hat is more than just a souvenir to me, it is a keepsake of memories and “firsts”.

Last year, my husband and I went to New York City for our first wedding anniversary. Neither of us had ever been to the city, but travelling there was a bucket list item for both.

I have always enjoyed wearing ball caps, especially when I play sports or on a weekend with a t-shirt & jeans. A New York Yankees hat was always something I had wanted, but on one condition: I had to purchase it in New York City.

Our first year wedding anniversary gave me that opportunity. The trip ended up meaning a great deal more than just an anniversary celebration. Our trip to NYC was the first time we had ever gone on a trip where we didn’t have an agenda. Nope- nothing planned other than our flights and hotel. My husband and I are planners (to the extreme), so actually letting go of structure was revolutionary to us. We saw so many cool things that I am not sure we would have if we had our typical “check-list”.

In addition to letting go of our typical travelling approach, this trip gave us a chance to breathe after our roller coaster first year of marriage. Our first year of marriage saw both of our careers undergo a whirlwind of change. Change is good, but change can bring a lot stress and emotion all at once.

Every time I put on this hat, I smile and take a deep breath. The hat is a reminder of our growth and strength together.



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