How Do You Harness Your Dreams?

There is a lot to be said for living in the moment, appreciating the here-and-now. Personally, setting goals and dreaming big make those here-and-now moments more valuable to me. Working your rear off to accomplish a dream and making sacrifices along the way create a sense of pride that is truly irreplaceable.

There is a popular theory called Law of Attraction, which discusses the idea that if you think about and visualize your dreams, creating positive thoughts, your dreams are more likely to come true. More particularly, the idea of Creative Visualization takes those dreams and puts them in a more realistic and tangible form. Creative Visualization is where the popular idea of a vision board comes from.

Creative visualization helps a person connect the dots between their dreams and reality… how can I make this work?! What goals are most important? What order logically makes sense?

So… enough with the textbook talk!

How does this relate to my post? Well, the other day I came home to this…


… a wooden cottage sign and a subscription to Cottage Life magazine.

My husband purchased both of them. The mere sight of this completely made my day.

Some would think my husband is a bit of nut and may ask, “Why would you buy that? You don’t own a cottage and won’t for a while.”

Well, it is all about dreaming, setting goals, visualizing your dreams to make them happen. We both dream of having a cottage someday, a goal we are 100% on the same page about. However, my husband took our dream of a cottage to the next level when he bought a subscription to the magazine and purchased the wooden sign. For a moment, I did think he was going a little crazy and getting ahead of himself but then I thought of something from a few years ago. At the beginning of college, my husband was asked to make a timeline of his life. That timeline still exists somewhere in storage, but what is remarkable is the goals he made as a teenager have been accomplished and most at the target age he anticipated.

I married a man who is the most determined and ambitious person I have ever met. Some days I do think he is a little crazy about the whole cottage timeframe but then I remember who I am dealing with and well… stranger things have happened!

Happy dreaming 🙂





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