How Do You Harness Your Dreams?

Beautiful Insanity

There is a lot to be said for living in the moment, appreciating the here-and-now. Personally, setting goals and dreaming big make those here-and-now moments more valuable to me. Working your rear off to accomplish a dream and making sacrifices along the way create a sense of pride that is truly irreplaceable.

There is a popular theory called Law of Attraction, which discusses the idea that if you think about and visualize your dreams, creating positive thoughts, your dreams are more likely to come true. More particularly, the idea of Creative Visualization takes those dreams and puts them in a more realistic and tangible form. Creative Visualization is where the popular idea of a vision board comes from.

Creative visualization helps a person connect the dots between their dreams and reality… how can I make this work?! What goals are most important? What order logically makes sense?

So… enough with the textbook talk!

How does this relate to my post? Well, the other…

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