Insightful Monday Week 77

5d64410a83495d9d5c287b1237513e7eNormally, I don’t share humorous Insightful Monday quotes but I saw this the other day and had to share.

I love coming home at the end of a long day, I love sleeping in on Saturday mornings, I love spending time with Ryan and our dog on the couch… our home lets me breathe.

Now… getting to the more humorous reason why I shared this photo today. Being that I am the most comfortable at home, I generally let all reservations go. A few years ago, my husband was out for the evening with some of his buddies and I took advantage of being home to clean. I put my earphones in and got to work.

Here is a secret, I love to sing but I am absolutely terrible. I generally sing alone to ensure I do not subject anyone else to that piercing howl.

Back to my story. Ryan was not supposed to be home for another hour or so, therefore I was not expecting any company. I was cleaning the bathroom near our front door, naturally belting out the song I was listening to on my ipod. I turn around to leave the washroom to be absolutely terrified to find my darling husband hysterically laughing and videotaping my performance. Not only did he make me almost jump out of my own skin, but he was watching me for longer than I would have liked him to. The video includes my terrible voice, a few dance moves and a startling scream.

I will never live this one down.

Now, how are you… “yourself”… at home??

Happy Monday!



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