Decorating in November!

In our home, Christmas time is a two month-long affair. Ryan and I absolutely love Christmas, the holiday cheer, decorating, getting together with friends and family, the food.. and the list goes on!

Christmas decorating is a true passion, it brings me so much joy and excitement for the holiday season. Yet, I do have a hard time putting up decorations that scream Christmas at the beginning of November. A slow, subtle approach for the first few weeks is generally the route I take, it ramps up the excitement.

Over the weekend, I started to put a few decorations together, one being in our foyer. My pre-December decorating consists of soft colour schemes, gentle patterns and simple design. As Christmas gets closer, I will start adding to the arrangements or placing additional decorations. The foyer arrangement was put together with loose material from Michaels, with a bleached burlap chevron pattern ribbon for the bow. The black decorative sticks are there year-around, I will place different decorations in the vase depending on the season or holiday. I recommend Michaels for your loose supplies, as their selection is fantastic and you can find coupons online.

Cheers & happy decorating!






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