What were you today?

The moment it hit me, I felt overwhelmed. How can I possibly wear so many “hats” in one day in my late 20s? I don’t even have children, yet my day is filled with (what feels like) an endless amount of roles and responsibilities…. it is mindboggling.

fb8b8524b5b1eaea70ac9ef32d65e30aThe sky is still dark, as I walked down the stairs I am greeted by our dog, with so much love and excitement. He saw me a short 7 hours before this but it could have been 7 days by his reaction.

There I sat, in my pajamas in front of the mirror. My steaming hot cup of tea beside me. The person staring back at me in the mirror definitely has changed, my face has already started to age slightly. I start to apply make up to smooth out my fine lines and cover my tired eyes.

I slowly crawl back into bed to wake up my husband who is still asleep, an element of our daily routine I cherish each and every day.

On the side of my desk my mail is piled a few inches high (people still send paper mail?? Apparently.), my inbox has more than a screen full of unopened emails, my phone is ringing as I run out the door to my first of 3 meetings for the day.

How can there be this many people out right now? I am taking a late lunch, I just need to do some banking, pay a few bills and drop off the dry cleaning. People are driving so slowly and standing in the middle of the street. Annoying.

I slowly pull up to where my niece and her mother are waiting, she is bundled up surrounded by a cool breeze. Winter is coming. I am filled with excitement, I get to spend the entire afternoon with her. She is so curious about the world; she is full of happiness and energy.

Need to buy a gift, but what do I buy someone for their 1st birthday. I want my girlfriend to love our gift for her precious little girl, it is so hard. My niece stares at me while I try to accomplish something I have never been particularly good at, gift giving. I am pretty sure she thinks I am losing my mind.

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. It is time to drop off my niece, wait… what about dinner? I look at my husband, it is Friday after a very long week. I feel terrible for not having something prepared, he has been taking care of dinner most of the week. We decide to grab something on our way home instead of cooking. I try not to feel guilty about taking the lazy, unhealthy option.

I lace up my running shoes and grab my water bottle, I look around to notice that I am the only occupant in the gym change room… perhaps it is because people do other things on a Friday night. The stress of the week begins to fall down my forehead, my legs feel like they are 1000 pounds each. I begin to lose myself in the music blaring through my headphones. I find myself finished an exhausting workout before I know it, realizing at virtually no point was I mentally “present”.

The clock displays 9:13 p.m. My paper is due in two short days, I haven’t really started. The state of procrastination is not somewhere I frequent, nor enjoy. I look around me, there are items from the week thrown everywhere. I need to clean this place. After quickly tidying up, I get started on my paper… unfortunately it isn’t writing itself.

I feel the water pouring down on my head and over my skin, it is hot but the sense of relaxation is a welcomed feeling. As I lean against the side of the shower I reflect on my day.

Today, I was: a wife, fur-momma, professional, banker, aunt, boss, babysitter, customer, student, gym junkie, taxi driver, cleaner, beautician and a friend.

Tomorrow is a new day, a new set of challenges and a new set of tasks.

What will I be tomorrow?



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