Time to get things started!

Somehow it is Thursday and I am not sure how that happened. I didn’t realize I missed Insightful Monday until late Tuesday. The last few weeks have flown by but they have been filled with a lot of awesomeness.

cef10b21b8c0521a1d2c42bf9a9f3731If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you would have noticed I have been busy crafting for the Christmas season and modelin’-up a storm! Two things I absolutely love. Yes, my life is busy but I made the choice to have my life like this. No complaining!

When December 1st hits, quite a few obligations fall off my plate and let me tell you… I truly can’t wait. I will finally have time to start my Christmas shopping and enjoy every moment of it. Oh… and do ALOT of cleaning and laundry that I have been seriously neglecting. I managed to make a new meatball recipe last night (among the chaos!), which turned out fantastic and one I will be sharing soon! I am always fascinated by the things I find time to do, as I am definitely someone who gets more done the more I have to do.

To make December and the holiday season less insane, I generally try to complete 3 tasks in November:

1. Decorate the house for Christmas (this past weekend our house mimicked Santa’s workshop!)

2. Write and send Christmas cards

3. Select recipes and organize holiday cooking

What do you do to make the holiday season less chaotic?!



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