Insightful Monday Week 81

529c28a72d4b902ab0afcbdcf9bd8c05Happy Monday!!

Let me tell you, I feel liberated today. Over the weekend I wrote my final exam for my course, which has been sucking every last bit of time and energy out of me for the last few months. I can’t wait to focus on Christmas shopping, gatherings with family and friends…. OH… and actually be a contributing partner around the house again! Ry has been incredibly patient over the last few months and has contributed more than I could ever ask for. Thanks Ry-man!

Now that the fog is clearing from my brain I am realizing how quickly the month of November went. Whoa. I am impressed by the amount of things I accomplished however, even amongst the chaos!

This weeks Insightful Monday quotes speaks to an idea that brings a great deal of reassurance and a state of contentment, which is realizing how far you have come. I love seeing how much I have grown and changed over the years, yet the voice inside me that pushes me each day continues to be loud and very clear.

Spend your energy on the victories rather than the failures.



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