What is your luxury?

I hear from friends and colleagues all the time, “there are just not enough hours in the day.”

It is no secret, the level of expectation to obtain the “perfect” life increases everyday. On a daily basis, we are bombarded with images and messages about how to make our careers better, our homes look perfect, how to dress perfectly, what the perfect body looks like, how often we should be going to the gym, etc., etc., etc…. I could go on forever. Not only is this destination a losing battle but an exhausting one.

9a789707f82889aaa7623d2fdd44dd33Ryan and I choose to be involved in many things, whether that means chasing a meaningful career, coach a sports team, play a sport, renovate our home, practice yoga, be on boards and committees or hang out with friends, we are always doing something. Like any choice, there is a consequence. Our most precious commodity is time. All those choices take our time away from the daily upkeep of our home. Making sure all the laundry is done, healthy meals are cooked and the house is clean is our losing battle. We simply can’t do it all.

Last year, we had a conversation about our choices, what our choices mean to our lives and where we want to go in the future. We both agreed there are simply not enough hours in the day, we either had to give something up or we needed help. Both our careers had become significantly more demanding of our time and I was trying to improve my domestic abilities in “all my free time”. I was showing some progress but the demands of our home were still there. Together, we made the choice to look into a cleaner. We didn’t know how much it would cost or how often we could afford to do it, but it was a solution we agreed was best for us.

Since then, we hired a cleaning lady who comes to our home once a month to do a thorough clean. The cost comes in at what a tank of gas would be but I can honestly tell you, worth every penny. We no longer have the “cleaning” argument, the one about who should clean what and how often… yeah, that one! Our cleaning day is one we have circled on the calendar every month and a day we very much look forward to. Even though we still need to clean, we feel better knowing the thorough deep clean in bathrooms, kitchen and flooring is done regularly.

As a modern day woman, I am not afraid to admit I can’t do everything. I am fortunate enough to have a husband that truly does ALOT around the house, both inside and out, including cooking. Our once-a-month cleaner is our luxury that we splurge on and we budget for. It makes our lives easier and allows us to lead a more fulfilling life in other areas.

What is your luxury?



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