new year, new ideas & new dreams.

644a82a1268fff66c0b0b0ecf0a494f6Welcome back! It feels good to be back after the holiday break, starting to form some sort of resemblance to a routine again. I took some time off work over the holiday season that truly felt amazing. It was time, I needed a break… a “time-out”. I could feel myself starting to burn out, since November was a blur and December was straight chaos. I am never afraid to say I need a break to recharge and this year I needed it more than ever.

With the holiday season over for another year, we are naturally surrounded by countless New Year’s resolutions, promising hopes and aggressive dreams. The new year allows us to start with a clean slate, a sense of encouragement as we leave the challenges of the previous year behind.

In the past, I have made very specific, measurable goals.  By being specific about what you are trying to achieve creates a sense of obligation and accountability. Generally, I achieve most of the goals I set for myself because I am a perfectionist who hates to fail at anything (I will move mountains to make something happen if I told someone I was going to do it!)

This year is a little different.

I am going to push myself out of my comfort zone because of an important concept I learned in 2014, which was self compassion. I have referred to this concept on my blog before, but wanted to make it my focus this year. Focusing on self compassion will allow me to stress less about my own expectations and treat myself the way I would treat my best friends, with love and understanding. My 2015 resolutions will be significantly more general, an approach that will provide me the ability to shape and form my goals as life happens.

The year of 2015 will be focused on shaping my passion: art, design, decor & creation.

If I took any message from last year it was the overwhelming happiness my passion brings me on a daily basis. I gravitate towards decorating and creating art every chance I have because I love it, at my core. I would like to take this year to put structure to that form of happiness, structure with no expectations. By not forming a “to-do” list to dictate what is considered a successful year, I allow myself to take advantage of any opportunity that may come my way without a preconceived notion. The best things in my life have come at times when I am not planning or forcing them. Keeping that little reinforcement in the back of my mind I will push myself out of my over-planning, super organized and perfectionist comfort zone and live a life in another world for a little while.

Cheers to the butterflies that idea creates! Now, how long will this new approach last??

What is your new years resolution(s)??



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