Insightful Monday Week 85



After an insane last week, I am proud to say this weekend didn’t involve much of anything. I needed some down time. Having a day or two to wake up to no alarm, drink a cup of coffee in my pajamas and take our dog for a long walk with no schedule is my version of greatness.

Okay, I am just going to say it, I have the best girlfriends in the entire world. No, really.

This past Christmas my best friend got me this journal and it could not have been more perfect for me. Each entry provides an insightful quote with a thought provoking question that really get the juices flowing. A-mazing.

The introduction of the journal talks about how everyone’s life journey is different but finding your true calling is the most fulfilling achievement anyone can accomplish. The author of the journal interviewed Donald Keough, a former Fortune 500 CEO, and what he had to say I found to be both refreshing and inspiring:

“What separates those who achieve from those who do not is in direct proportion to one’s ability to ask others for help. Being vulnerable isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of strength. Being able to say, “hey, I don’t know I need your help” is a sign of wisdom.”



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