Insightful Monday Week 86

8a863b5095225b40244bbe40a628b7b9I think for the first time since I started the Insightful Monday series, I am going to share a quote I disagree with.

During one of my evenings curled up on the couch surfing Pinterest, I stumbled across this quote. I love quotes that give me the warm and fuzzy feelings; the ones you are instantly inspired by, the ones that fill your heart and your mind.

When I read this quote it simply did not sit well with me. Personally, I feel decisions that possess honesty and love coupled with a rational mind demonstrate a person is ready to make that next step. I think it is common to confuse excitement and nervousness as a sign of not being “ready”. If I am experiencing anxiety because of a decision I am about to make it is because I am not mentally or financially ready to make that change and it is a sign I should take a step back to re-evaluate.

Food for thought.

Have a fantastic week!



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