Listen to Life’s Messages

I am afraid I have to admit, the last few days of being back at work I have been dreaming of this…

IMG_0981How could you not, right?!

Various parts of Canada were hit with large volumes of snow and chilly temperatures, our area was no exception. I can assure you I would prefer the white sand beaches to the white piles of snow.

As I head into February, I feel myself trying to gain a sense of grounding. I have a lot coming up on my schedule, which for the first time (ever??) is “new”. For the last few months I have taken a step back, time to relax and spend more time at home. I should clarify my state of “relaxation” is still probably busier than the average person because I am certifiably nuts but nevertheless, it has been absolutely delightful!

Now, some of that relaxation was forced because I have had a nagging knee injury but I welcomed that environment with open arms. I am a firm believer that life has a way of telling you when you need a break and this was mine. I am not the type of person who will not go back to the gym if I miss a day, I am a dedicated gym junkie. With that said, the last 3 years have taught me a very important lesson about listening to my body. In the past, I use to push through pain no matter what I was feeling. Since I have never been someone who experienced many injuries I didn’t think I needed to “take breaks” but now I completely appreciate and understand the value of not pushing yourself. It is a lesson that I feel fortunate to have learned.

I have a sneaking suspicion the last few months were the “calm before the storm”, we shall see! Stay tuned 🙂



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