Insightful Monday Week 89

bdd10c12c6c0b928b7820d9857e0cb1dI love this quote. The concept of criticism has been one of the most challenging aspects of my life. Let me explain…

Like many of us, criticism plays two roles in my life: receiving criticism from others and being the one providing the criticism. Both have their challenges and both can cause some serious havoc in our lives.

Receiving criticism, lets start there. I don’t like letting anyone down, especially those that I care about. When I receive criticism I often take it too personally, not taking offence but rather taking it to heart so much it consumes me. I think about their “feedback” constantly until I take action and that action is my primary focus until I know their position has changed.

Conversely, providing criticism freely has never been a struggle of mine. I have always been encouraged to speak my mind, often to the point it is to my detriment. I have lost friendships and ruined relationships because of my “need” to share how I feel. Although the loss of a friendship or partner is never enjoyable, I wouldn’t change any one of those experiences. They have all taught me valuable lessons and resonate deep within me. Now, I understand there is no entitlement for others to know my perspective.

There will still be situations where a close friend or loved one will ask for my opinion and my honesty may hurt them. However, my honesty has been softened and my awareness of long term consequences has grown. My opinion may not change but knowledge of the potential consequences are fully accepted now.

No one is entitled to your opinion.

Many of us are sensitive to criticism.

Choose your audience wisely and proceed with mindfulness and consideration.

Happy Monday XO



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