Insightful Monday Week 93

3a69e3b0da503a9448d402f3b4b3b939So I have done this a lot lately, venting. Venting about all the absolute nonsense that has been going on the last few weeks.

I won’t go into my long list of sorrows, but I am a believer in a healthy amount of venting. I can’t tell you how good I feel after I verbally spill my sob story to my best friend to get in return her comforting, yet logical responses. That is what friendship and life is all about!

With that said, I do think we talk about the bad stuff more than the good. Sometimes talking about the good stuff makes you seem like you are bragging or gloating. There is always a healthy balance and this week’s quote is a great reminder that the good stuff is not only encouraging to you but makes you a more vibrant person on the exterior.

Happy Monday World! XO



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