Insightful Monday Week 94


I remember applying for a job at the end of university, I wanted it so badly.

Being the naïve new graduate, I truly thought I was completely qualified for the job (maybe over-qualified). Needless-to-say, I didn’t get the job. I remember the lady on the other end of the telephone telling me I wasn’t the “right fit” for what they were looking for. After getting off the phone, I sat in my apartment and naturally cried my eyes out. I couldn’t understand how I was not the perfect fit.

Years later I understand and appreciate why I didn’t get the job. Besides the fact I did not remotely possess the 10 years of management experience they were looking for, I lived about an hour away and wanted to be paid more than I was worth, the office environment didn’t mesh well with my personality.

I ended up getting offered a pretty cool job that I absolutely loved. The job resulted in a lifelong mentor who I see for lunch almost every week.

Life works out how it is suppose to.



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