Insightful Monday Week 96

072244011fc8a45f41ead591cd8a5040This is such a fantastic quote, I wish I could send it to every high school and university girl out there. Reading quotes and automatically thinking, “Amen!” is such a great feeling. I am sure a lot of the “amen” moments come from a hindsight point of view, but nevertheless, they are powerful.

Ry and I had a fantastic weekend full of friend visits, family and more spring cleaning. I find purging unwanted items extremely liberating, you simply feel great after.

I mentally started putting together a list of house projects that need to be done this spring/summer. It is overwhelming. Most of the projects are relatively small and include touching up paint, etc. I will be posting a list of house projects soon!

Also, remember that bathroom we had to reno because of an unfortunate cologne bottle drop? Well the after photos will be up soon!

Happy Monday my beautiful readers! 🙂



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