Bathroom Reveal!! #2

A few months ago during a typical chaotic morning, Ryan accidentally dropped a cologne bottle into our bathroom sink. The moment the bottle hit the sink it cracked in a hundred different directions.

When we went to fix the top of the vanity, we found out the sink couldn’t be bought separately. So…. that meant an entire new vanity was required. There were parts of the bathroom that needed paint touch ups, so it was a perfect time to do that as well. The whole thing was rather unexpected, unplanned and unbudgeted. Not my usual approach but one I needed to deal with.

As a reminder this is what I started with…




I wanted to match this bathroom with the other bathroom we recently renovated. The style of the vanity we purchased was in line with what we did in our other bathroom and the paint colour was the same (Cement Gray- Benjamin Moore).

Here is the bathroom after!!




I still haven’t found the perfect photo or art décor to put above the toilet. Nothing is grabbing my attention, so I am leaving the wall blank until I find the piece that was meant to be there!

Here are some side by side comparisons…




Tomorrow I will share the cost breakdown and a few concessions made to get the most for our money!

Stay tuned 🙂



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