Bathroom Facelift| How much did it cost?

I find some of my most viewed posts are about how much our renovations cost. I think it is important to share the cost of both renovations and simple facelifts to give people an idea how much a project they may want to do will cost.

At any given time, I could estimate how much money we have put into our home. Why is that important? As a homeowner, you should know the value of the improvements you completed to understand your home’s market value, but more importantly, to ensure you do not put more into your home then your neighbourhood is worth. Real estate is an investment, sure you need a place to live but we all like to think of the equity we are gaining by purchasing a home. If you simply required a roof over your head many of us would rent if there was no benefit to home ownership.

This bathroom “re-do” was a facelift, not the gut job our other bathroom was (that wasn’t even the true definition of a gut job).

The facelift consisted of the following:

1. Bathroom Vanity- $400.00

2. Paint- $36.00

3. Hardware- $6.00

4. Artwork – Unknown

Total Cost: $442.00

We decided not to replace the faucet because it was only 2 years old and everything else in the room remained the same.

The vanity… the dreaded vanity. We were very restricted due to size, since the bathroom itself isn’t the big. The positioning of the vanity required the shape to be long and shallow, which isn’t easy to find. Ryan and I went to every home improvement store out there searching for our very limited options. We both weren’t fans of the vanity that was previously there and wanted to take the opportunity to modernize the room as much as we could without investing thousands.

For a brand new vanity it had the worst hardware, I absolutely hated it and it didn’t match the faucet. I knew I could change the knobs so the decision was a little easier.


Although I am still in the market for art work to place above the toilet, I love the new look! It is fresh, simple and clean 🙂





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