Home Progress| Touch of Spring

c9cf72f04010e0905fd1b46460866b11It feels like a lot has happened in the last month, many things unplanned. Everything seems to be taking SO much longer than I would like. The end of my semester has been a complete time killer, plain and simple. More time than normal, which I think is the frustrating piece.

BUT onwards and upwards! My list from April was barely touched and even better, items have been added to the list. There is a long weekend around the corner and have so much time to tackle my projects. This girl is very excited!

House To-Do list

– Sort and clean the front hall closet

– Paint living room & upstairs hallway (Repair work started)

– Paint & freshen Ryan’s office

– Touch up paint on front door

– Touch up paint in the spare room

Price out updates to our Kitchen (something I am SUPER excited for… I must contain myself!)

– Sort through wardrobe and donate unused clothing

Hold a garage sale

– Finish chair make over

– Wash all of our windows inside and out

– clean inside kitchen cabinets

+++ – Refinish stairs (again!… having a dog really kills wood stairs)

+++ – Paint stair railing white


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