life timeout.

I cannot believe it has been almost 6 weeks since I last posted. The summer is flying by!

1a01351fbe2c29940c5395ba00dede6dThe last few weeks have been full of challenges that required my full attention, so I took a “time out” from life. What I mean by that is I needed down time to spend alone, with my amazing hubby and with family & friends. I feel grateful to have the¬†ability to recognize when I need that down time and how to experience it wholeheartedly, without guilt or shame. Life is full of ups & downs, we all deal with issues differently depending on what it may be. Knowing when you need some down time is the best gift you can provide yourself. That same ability is a sign of personal strength, you are strong enough to admit when you need a few more quiet moments. The last few weeks were also an opportunity for me to really appreciate who and what I had in my life, I have never felt more grateful.

Now, moving on from that philosophical opening!

Great news, our kitchen is ALMOST done! I can’t wait to show all of you photos, I am in love with how it turned out. AND… I can’t wait to show you what can be done to transform a kitchen for less than $5,000. You don’t need a huge budget to give a kitchen a complete overhaul! (…and I don’t mean painting the cabinets either!)

Stay tuned! Renovation reveals, DIY projects, recipes, workouts and reflection posts coming up! ūüôā



Our Wedding Expert Discusses Wedding Attire!

77_fcHQM0ltdy4Jq1l1Wedding consultant Michelle from A Dream To Call Your Own is back on the blog today discussing wedding attire.

Personally, I have seen a lot of “interesting” attire choices at¬†weddings I have attended over the years, I can’t imagine what Michelle witnesses regularly! I decided to ask¬†her if there was such a “thing” as attire rules for weddings, since wedding season¬†is here!¬†I received a most definite, YES!!! Classic, traditional and simple¬†style and colour selections¬†seem to be a great rule of thumb but what NOT to wear is even more critical.

Here are Michelle’s simple rules of what to choose and what to avoid when you are a guest of someone’s special day…

In the past, the general rules of wedding attire consisted of no black or white.  Simple right? Black was seen as dreary, as well as dark and white… well that is just self-explanatory.  However, times have now changed.  You CAN wear white pants after Labour day…winter white suits anyone?! You can also sport your favourite Little Black Dress to a wedding! Yay!

¬†One of the most common questions that I have many people asking me is‚Ķ‚ÄĚWhat is appropriate to wear to a wedding in 2015!?!‚ÄĚ

 As a wedding guest there are a few simple rules to follow, to help make your decision.

 Rule #1:

The bride’s colour is white (or off white)‚Ķnot yours.¬† Mind you some brides are ok with guests wearing white, I had a guest or two wearing white to my wedding and to be honest with you I was too busy and excited to notice! However, in my days as a wedding planner, some brides are NOT ok with it.¬† I know it may sound like a bit much but I have been requested by a bride to let a guest know that she was upset that a guest chose to wear white to her day.¬† To avoid upsetting the bride, (after all you are there to celebrate the couple right?!) it’s best to avoid wearing solid white or ivory. The bride should get to stand out on her wedding day and can do this by being the only one wearing white.

 Rule #2:

Try (as hard as you can) to not wear the same colour as the wedding party.¬† This will help you to not feel as though you are trying to be a stand-in bridesmaid. J Trust me, it’s almost happened to me as a guest and I was SO glad that I had a back-up dress in my car!) If you don‚Äôt want to bring a back-up asking the bride or the groom well in advance what colour the dresses are is an easy way to avoid this! Trust me, they will appreciate the question and are not bothered by it at all! Remember, even if your husband is in the wedding party, best not to match his tie and pocket square with your dress colour or you may find yourself in this situation. There are many other colours that will match well with the bridal colours so that you do not clash with your date.

 Rule #3:

Watch your hem lines and do not test out new fashion forward ideas! There is a time and place for all fashion however someone else’s wedding is not the place to show off your how do I say it properly‚Ķ assets (no matter how cute you think the best man is!) Also, not the most appropriate time to strut your new $350 jeans either.¬† Generally, the couple’s wedding invitation will dictate how formal a wedding is going to be! When in doubt, it’s best to be overdressed than under-dressed so make sure that you are wearing enough material or¬† that you have not dressed too casual for the occasion.

A Rule for the Men out there!

Avoid wearing a tuxedo as a wedding guest.¬† If the couple desires you to be wearing a tux, they will be asking you to!¬† Generally tux’s are reserved for the groom, groom’s men, fathers and grandfathers of the bride and groom.¬† If the wedding is a black tie event, wanting you to wear a tuxedo or white dinner jacket, it will be again indicated on the invitation. In addition, it’s also wise to avoid matching your tie/bow tie to the wedding party’s attire.¬† The same rule for men applies. If your lady is in the wedding party, it’s best to avoid wearing the same colour tie as her dress.¬† When in doubt, just ask your lady, I guarantee you, she will know what colour the groom’s men’s accessories are!


Kitchen Makeover Underway!

After 5 years, we are finally starting our kitchen makeover! I am beyond excited, as it is a mismatch of many different decades.

Our house was built in the early 60s, the kitchen being totally gutted in the 80s and hasn’t been touched since. The colour and finishings were not our style but giving a kitchen a facelift isn’t cheap so we held off.

Our kitchen cabinets are in great shape and very good quality, in the 80s when the kitchen was gutted the cabinets were custom made. We want to keep the cabinets because the layout and flow of the room works well. Everything else mind you is going!! Meaning: backsplash, countertop, flooring and paint.

We have started the makeover but will leave the before and after photos until the very end! (sorry!)

Here is what our kitchen looks like now:

house246922_433902263605_4589603_nHere is my inspiration for the makeover!

makeover1makeover 3makeover2marissa7

Insightful Monday Week 104


This quote really stuck with me when I read it, probably because I feel that throughout my 20s I have dramatically changed as a person.

I have certainly lost friends along the way but to only pick up new ones that fit where I was in my life and still am. Like myself, I have had friends who have undergone dramatic change themselves. Perhaps their values or priorities changed, which I just didn’t feel they¬†“fit” in my life anymore. BUT… that is¬†completely ok to me. That is part of life, change is part of life. Embrace that change, try not to grip onto what is falling apart, as it is¬†healthy to let go. XO


Feature Paint Colour!!

I absolutely LOVE my work being featured on various sites, it reminds me all my hard work making things pretty again is worth it!

Our home has been a labour of love for 5 years now. Although it seems our home is constantly changing, it is a true passion of mine to repaint, redecorate and renovated. Sometimes I think it drives Ryan insane, however he has grown up with a mother who has done exactly the same as me… you would think he was used to it by now! ūüėČ

A few weeks ago I posted about my “go-to” paint colours (refresh your memory here!), they are¬†neutral colours that make any home fresh and welcoming.¬†¬†Recently, our bathroom was featured on a popular blog that showcases paint colours called Favourite Paint Colours.

You will find Cement Grey by Benjamin Moore all over my home, it is truly my “go-to”!