Bring on the Beauty of Spring!

I am passionately in love with spring. My entire life I have had this love affair with the fresh, joyful season. If you live in an area that experiences the chilling low temperature of the winters months you will agree society as a whole becomes much happier when spring arrives. The snow starts to melt, the sun starts to shine and the birds begin to sing; the season breathes new life.


This past winter has felt never-ending. As much as I enjoy the beauty of snow and the forced down time the winter months bring, I am eager to get outside again and feel more alive.

Ryan and I have started to tackle the much needed spring cleaning, clearing out closets and drawers of the many items we no longer need or want. Over the last few weeks, I have really started to notice the many small projects our home desperately needs. I am hoping to tackle the following list during the months of April and May:

– Sort and clean the front hall closet

– Paint living room & upstairs hallway

– Paint & freshen Ryan’s office

– Touch up paint on front door

– Touch up paint in the spare room

– Price out updates to our Kitchen (something I am SUPER excited for… I must contain myself!)

– Sort through wardrobe and donate unused clothing

– Hold a garage sale

– Finish chair make over

– Wash all of our windows inside and out

– clean inside kitchen cabinets

That is it for now… I think! This doesn’t include anything outside, but that is Ryan’s domain. He is very good at keeping our yard and home on the exterior looking great. Wish me luck!

What is on your spring to-do list!?



Domestically Challenged

a689801440ac822c19eb1e18a34419a1I can humbly admit when it comes to domestic skills, I am absolutely terrible. My husband describes my lack of skill as being “domestically challenged”. I am sure my husband would think he had died and gone to heaven if he came home to this! —>

I can clean but the quality of my work leaves a great deal of room for improvement, which is putting it nicely. When it comes to cooking, well my capabilities are virtually non-existent.

In my mother’s defense, she taught me better… MUCH better. Growing up, my mom made the attempt (multiple times!) to teach me the basics of cooking and cleaning. I just never “grasped” any of the concepts, it was a huge effort on my part that was a consistent uphill battle. Since it was such an effort, it is the last thing I ever gravitated toward.

I am truly grateful that I have a husband that cooks and cleans… A LOT! If he didn’t take the lead on the domestic front, our home would look like a tornado went through it on a daily basis and we would be eating Kraft Dinner every night for dinner. (Which for the record, I would be perfectly fine with! I am a simple girl!)

When my husband and I got married, I said to him in front of all our family and friends that I would make an attempt to be a “better housewife”. Since then, I have made a honest attempt to learn and do more. I am improving… slowly… certainly not as quickly as my husband would probably like but I am trying.

03a9ecfef03817db09ba0f36a7d123abBefore making that bold statement in front of 125 people at our wedding, I did think long and hard about it. It was certainly not on a “whim”. If I make a commitment to something, I never like failing or disappointing those around me. So what I needed to do was make cooking and cleaning “fun” and obviously girlie! Come on, did you expect anything else from me!?

One of my bridesmaids got me an adorable apron for a shower gift. I actually LOVE wearing it! When I put it on, cooking seems a little more enjoyable. When my husband comes home and sees me wearing it, I am always sure to get a laugh from him because it is a telltale sign I am “pretending” to be this superstar housewife… that I most definitely am not. However, if something as simple as a feminine apron will push me to make more of an effort, why not!?

Every week I try to do one extra cleaning chore that is outside the weekend cleaning overhaul my husband and I do together. Once or twice a month, I have been trying to cook a new recipe I found on my own. Since we are both healthy eaters, I really try to ensure what I am learning to make is quality instead of comfort food.

The journey continues and I am slowly learning. I am hoping (and so is my husband) that the domestic responsibilities are split 50/50 sometime in the relatively near future. Next on my list is to purchase super adorable kitchen gadgets like this one… Hey, looking the part is half the battle, right?!