Home Progress| Touch of Spring

c9cf72f04010e0905fd1b46460866b11It feels like a lot has happened in the last month, many things unplanned. Everything seems to be taking SO much longer than I would like. The end of my semester has been a complete time killer, plain and simple. More time than normal, which I think is the frustrating piece.

BUT onwards and upwards! My list from April was barely touched and even better, items have been added to the list. There is a long weekend around the corner and have so much time to tackle my projects. This girl is very excited!

House To-Do list

– Sort and clean the front hall closet

– Paint living room & upstairs hallway (Repair work started)

– Paint & freshen Ryan’s office

– Touch up paint on front door

– Touch up paint in the spare room

Price out updates to our Kitchen (something I am SUPER excited for… I must contain myself!)

– Sort through wardrobe and donate unused clothing

Hold a garage sale

– Finish chair make over

– Wash all of our windows inside and out

– clean inside kitchen cabinets

+++ – Refinish stairs (again!… having a dog really kills wood stairs)

+++ – Paint stair railing white



Amazeball furniture refinishing overload!

I never thought I would get to this point, I must admit… I have too many projects! *with gasps in the background*

I have collected 3 furniture pieces that require refinishing. The pieces are beautiful and I have so many ideas for them all but time is my issue right now. I have been taking graduate studies for a few years and right now is the end of the semester. Naturally, the workload is heavy. Did I mention it is the start of my busy time at work too? Too many competing priorities for this girl! OH… did I mention I still have to tackle my painting project list around the house? Good grief!

I am still so excited to refinish each piece to make them modern and fresh! Stay tune, they will all be beautiful soon! 🙂



Breathing Life into Yesterday’s Memories

How in the world is it already Friday?!

This week has flown by, with not enough hours in the day or days in the week to do everything I needed. Somehow I managed to be very productive both personally and professionally however, so I am taking that as a win.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff! This chair and ALL the possibilities…


The chair has sentimental meaning to me, it was my grandparents. For countless years, this was used as their “telephone” chair. It sat just off the kitchen where the telephone was located. The chair has heard so many stories from friends and family throughout the province and over seas in Holland. Even though my grandparents lived several hours away from me I can still remember visiting my family and witnessing a revolving-door of people sitting in this chair chatting away.

So many memories, so much history.

Unfortunately, not only is the chair tired looking but it is also broken. The integrity of the seat has no support and the right side of the chair is coming away from the main structure. BUT, the bones of the chair are amazing. Fantastic quality wood and classic design elements. I am hoping to repair the chair and give it a much-needed facelift. Still undecided on the direction I am going to go with it, I am simply honored to make it part of my life and give it many more years of precious memories!

What would you do to this chair if you gave it a make over?!


The Artistic Touch!

When deciding on post secondary education, I was wavering between a degree in Fine Arts or Law. Opposite ends of the spectrum, right?!  Not completely. Both disciplines require structured foundations, yet the creative perspective to think outside of the box. A passionate match up of this pair is not that uncommon- surprisingly.

Art has always been a passion for me. A stress relief. An escape. A way to simply breathe.

I have wanted to get back into painting for a while and in the last 6 months I decided to put that passion back into my life. Creating a piece for a client’s home is extremely rewarding for me.

Cheers to my first painting in almost 10 years and a happy customer! 🙂


If you are interested in a custom piece, please contact me at: marissa.mcmahon@hotmail.com to discuss concept and pricing!



When redecorating a room, often the cost of the small details are what really add up. The truth is, I could spend hours on end and a small fortune at HomeSense. The vases…pillows…mirrors… OH MY! It never ends. While I enjoy some of the finer things in life, I have been known to frequent second-hand stores in search for a bargain. Personally, it is a game. I truly love searching for those “diamond in the rough” pieces, especially when they are the perfect price – dirt cheap!!! My husband thinks most of the items I collect are garbage and wants to show them to the curb the moment they enter the house. I often plea with him to let me work on the pieces I collect, promising the items he calls trash will become beautiful. He rarely sees my vision!

I stumbled across these two lamps at a thrift store. They caught my eye. Before I became too attached, I made sure both lamps were functional. They were. Better yet, the price was right at $3.00 each. Done deal.Kitchener-20130112-00192

To some, they may look hideous but I knew what they could be. So I got to work. I purchased silver metal spray paint for $4.00. Due to the structure of the lamps, if you spray them standing up the paint will run, creating run lines down the lamps. I found a long shoe box that would allow me to lean the lamps on their side.


I applied a thin coat of paint on each side and let it completely dry before rotating.

Each lamp required a new shade, which made the harp visible. I decided to replace each harp with one that was a new, modern style. Kitchener-20130113-00194

The total project took me 1 full day by the time I purchased the supplies, sprayed the lamps and put all the components together. The total cost of each lamp was $23.00 (lamp $3, shade $15, harp $3, stray paint $2-half). The average price of a lamp can range between $50.00 to $80.00 at HomeSense. I was very happy with the final result, unique but classic! A great addition to the spare room renovation project. Spare room reveal coming soon!