Healthy Beauty Routines| Natural Product Line

Healthy beauty routines are essential for clear skin and achieving a radiant glow! From a very young age my mother taught me the importance of taking care of my skin, always making sure I had a clean mositorized face before bed.

As much as I love putting my make up on in the morning I enjoy  taking it off just as much. Washing my face at the end of the day is therapeutic, it is almost as though you are washing away the day’s problems. Finding products that work for my dry, acne prone skin can be challenging. Many products will make me easily react complete pizza face, even those products that claim they are “all natural”, “for sensitive skin” or “made with the best ingredients”. I have quickly learned spending more money on a product doesn’t mean it will work better for me. Unfortunately, the only way to truly know if products will work for you is to test them out and experience the breakouts until you find the right one.

A few months ago I discovered the Sukin line at a health food store. I needed a new face scrub anyways, so I thought I would give it a try. The packaging outlined the components I generally look for, such as: Paraben Free, No animal testing, a specific list of essential oils, etc. I will admit, many “natural” cosmetics or skin care lines don’t always work, it is not always easy for companies to mimic the benefits of chemicals in a natural way. For me, this line is different. I love the way it feels on my skin, smells (soft-fresh-clean) and it leaves my face feeling moisturized without a reaction.

I love taking care of my skin; if I am able to do it in a gentle and natural way that is a bonus for me!

Everyone’s skin is different, this works for me but may not have the same effects on you. Personally, if you are snuggling with your current products it is worth a try.

In Canada, you can purchase the line at some health food stores, online here or if you are lucky at selected Winners.

*Note: this was not a sponsored post, I did not receive compensation. All opinions expressed are my own.



My February Birch Box!

A few weeks ago, I received my February Birch Box. I was extremely excited to receive it because my January box was awesome!

I hate to say this but February’s box didn’t impress me very much. For me, both the size and type of the products were disappointing.

The 5 products for February are: lip gloss (stain), shampoo, conditioner, face highlighter and anti-wrinkle facial scrub.

The product I am looking forward to trying most would be the facial scrub, as January’s box included the derma-E Night Cream and I really enjoyed that product (enough I may buy it!)

Stay tuned!



My January BirchBox!

I recently stumbled upon the BirchBox through a wonderful blogger I regularly follow. The concept may not be new to you but it was to me and I thought it was totally neat!

For $10 per month, you receive a box of health and beauty samples. The box arrives with 5 different products that match your online profile, which is where you indicate what you are interested in. It is a great way to explore products you may not consider if you were at a store.

The box comes with a card that explains what each product is and how much a full size container would cost. The BirchBox’s website provides the full size products if you are interested in purchasing them. After a few months of receiving the box you can start receiving a discount in their online store!


This month I received: dry shampoo, lip stick, body butter, shaving cream and night cream.



Say it ain’t so!! I am doing what now?!

As you may recall, one of my new year resolutions was to incorporate yoga into my life. Now, let me just say that yoga has never really been my “thing”. I have tried it once years ago and to be perfectly honest, it was WAY to slow for me. I am a fitness nut. You will always see me at the gym or running outside, I simply love getting a good sweat on! Yoga just didn’t do that for me.

Unfortunately, after injuring my ankle last spring, I was encouraged to incorporate yoga into my fitness routine to strengthen my body in a different way. I want to ensure I learn the proper techniques correctly at the beginning to ensure I am not unknowingly putting stress on my body. I have signed up for an eight week beginners course and my first class is tonight. I am a little nervous because I am new to it and I want to fall in love with the practice.

Do you have any tips for me?!

Wish me luck! 🙂


Are you in Control or a Hot Mess?!

There are days when I feel like my life is a bloody disaster and I couldn’t get it together if I tried! On the rare occasion, I do feel organized and in control of my world. What makes me feel “in control” are completely trivial and I realize how ridiculous they are!

nail design  Nails!!! Very rarely will my nails ever be perfectly manicured or look remotely close to this! Confession: I am a nail bitter. It is a horrible nervous/bored habit I have tried to kick for years. I see photos on Pinterest all the time of nails that look so fantastic. If I get the time to paint my nails or go to a salon to have them done, I feel like I walk around thinking “Girl! You got it together here! Whoa!!” I can assure you, that thought is a distant cousin to my daily routine!


perfect outfit Sex and The City Outfit is picked out the night before! The dreaded, “What do I wear today?” question. It happens every morning. Every morning, I think how I should get my butt in gear and do this the night before. How nice would it be to have all items properly ironed or steamed, with matching jewelry and shoes, just sitting there for me to put on? Similar to Carrie’s closet in Sex and The City, where you would see her perfectly put together outfit hanging for the next day while she writes in her journal. This is a total pipe dream for me, but if it does happens I feel like a superstar!! Did I mention this never happens?! lol

ac6fb9ae9992a00e18220f39d19eb6e3 Meal Prep in Advance! Do people actually do this!? Pinterest strikes again, creating unrealistic ideas that busy families have time to plan a whole weeks  worth of dinners. To top it all off, having the meal plan displayed in the kitchen with perfectly spaced card labels and neatly written descriptions. Hey, maybe it is just me, but I feel this is a fantasy world. With all that said, if I have an idea what we are going to have for dinner for the next day or two, I feel like the best wife ever! Unfortunately, the reality is my husband and I come home from a long day and try to get the other person to think of and cook the meal.


Doutzen-Kroes-Victoria’s-Secret-Sport2 Gym Outfits! If I can put together clean gym clothes that don’t completely clash, I consider that a win. Being an avid gym member who attends on a regular basis, I envy women who can put together an outfit straight out of a magazine. To top it all off, a matching towel! Shut the front door!! Yes folks, I actually see this at the gym and think, “Marissa, you should really care more! That girl looks like she is rockin’ the gym life!” The reality is I will never look like this at the gym but a girl can dream, right? For now, I will continue to try and purchase similar colours for my gym wear to give the illusion they intentionally match! 😉

What do you do to feel in control?!