Feature Paint Colour!!

I absolutely LOVE my work being featured on various sites, it reminds me all my hard work making things pretty again is worth it!

Our home has been a labour of love for 5 years now. Although it seems our home is constantly changing, it is a true passion of mine to repaint, redecorate and renovated. Sometimes I think it drives Ryan insane, however he has grown up with a mother who has done exactly the same as me… you would think he was used to it by now! 😉

A few weeks ago I posted about my “go-to” paint colours (refresh your memory here!), they are neutral colours that make any home fresh and welcoming.  Recently, our bathroom was featured on a popular blog that showcases paint colours called Favourite Paint Colours.

You will find Cement Grey by Benjamin Moore all over my home, it is truly my “go-to”!



Home Progress| Touch of Spring

c9cf72f04010e0905fd1b46460866b11It feels like a lot has happened in the last month, many things unplanned. Everything seems to be taking SO much longer than I would like. The end of my semester has been a complete time killer, plain and simple. More time than normal, which I think is the frustrating piece.

BUT onwards and upwards! My list from April was barely touched and even better, items have been added to the list. There is a long weekend around the corner and have so much time to tackle my projects. This girl is very excited!

House To-Do list

– Sort and clean the front hall closet

– Paint living room & upstairs hallway (Repair work started)

– Paint & freshen Ryan’s office

– Touch up paint on front door

– Touch up paint in the spare room

– Price out updates to our Kitchen (something I am SUPER excited for… I must contain myself!)

– Sort through wardrobe and donate unused clothing

– Hold a garage sale

– Finish chair make over

– Wash all of our windows inside and out

– clean inside kitchen cabinets

+++ – Refinish stairs (again!… having a dog really kills wood stairs)

+++ – Paint stair railing white


Amazeball furniture refinishing overload!

I never thought I would get to this point, I must admit… I have too many projects! *with gasps in the background*

I have collected 3 furniture pieces that require refinishing. The pieces are beautiful and I have so many ideas for them all but time is my issue right now. I have been taking graduate studies for a few years and right now is the end of the semester. Naturally, the workload is heavy. Did I mention it is the start of my busy time at work too? Too many competing priorities for this girl! OH… did I mention I still have to tackle my painting project list around the house? Good grief!

I am still so excited to refinish each piece to make them modern and fresh! Stay tune, they will all be beautiful soon! 🙂



The funky side to an older home!

A pretty cool aspect about owning an older home is that you find old stuff. Some of the things you find are junk, simply not removed from previous owners because they didn’t feel like it. Other times, the items are unique and as the new owner you hold onto them.

Let me tell you, when we moved into our home there were many unique things found and even more pieces of paper taped or tacked to the wall of our laundry/utility room. Our house was built in the mid 60s, so many of the items we find have existed for a few decades already. There is a cut out from a newspaper tacked to our shelving unit on stain removal that is dated 1973. Granted, it isn’t THAT old but how often do you see “domestic tips” printed in the news paper anymore?!

I love it and will keep it up there for our time in the home and the next owners!


My Go-To Paint Colours!

From a decorating perspective, I prefer consistency. If you walk through our home, the tones are the same and many rooms have the same colour. Some may find this boring. Personally, I think the element of consistency will bring a home together, make it more warm and inviting.

This winter I plan to repaint our living room and bathroom, both rooms need to be tied into the rest of the house and freshened up. Both rooms are looking tired.

I am asked for paint recommendations a lot, specifically neutral colours that are not too “loud”.

If you need to freshen up a room or would like to introduce consistency into your colour pallet, here are my “Go-To” paint colours I would recommend:

Benjamin Moore- Muslin 1037


Benjamin Moore- Cement Gray 2112-60

cement gray Benjamin Moore- Stormy Monday 2112-50