Insightful Monday Week 104


This quote really stuck with me when I read it, probably because I feel that throughout my 20s I have dramatically changed as a person.

I have certainly lost friends along the way but to only pick up new ones that fit where I was in my life and still am. Like myself, I have had friends who have undergone dramatic change themselves. Perhaps their values or priorities changed, which I just didn’t feel they “fit” in my life anymore. BUT… that is completely ok to me. That is part of life, change is part of life. Embrace that change, try not to grip onto what is falling apart, as it is healthy to let go. XO



Insightful Monday Week 103


Experiencing and observing excellent leadership gives me butterflies. Sure, it sounds ridiculous but it is true. There are so many incredible things that have occurred in history that are a result of exceptional leadership.

I have been fortunate enough to have 2 mentors in my professional career and friendships on a personal level that have been equally as rewarding and powerful. Embrace those who you can learn from.

Happy Monday XO


Insightful Monday Week 102

9152328cd4b26fc15e61531a980e1b02Brene Brown is one of my all time favourites, she is a clinical psychologist and an author. Vulnerability is one of the most misunderstood concepts (in my opinion). Many perceive vulnerability as weakness, where it is a sign of ultimate strength.

This past weekend was extra long in Canada, I got so many thing done around the house, which included tackling some of my mile long to-do list. I had time to be alone, paint and sit in thought… it was lovely.


Insightful Monday Week 100!!!

Week 100???! How did that happen!?

It has been almost two years since I have been doing the Insightful Monday series and I have received some fantastic feedback from followers week after week. I hear from people around the world who tell me that the particular week’s quote was exactly what they needed to hear. Having an impact on anyone’s life is remarkable, let alone knowing you have made a difference. It is something I live for and find so rewarding.

cedeb2c87ee0b9b6b7f1834af188a02dI love my “safe place” and I don’t always like moving outside that safe zone. Being a true, dedicated introvert, taking a leap of faith is overwhelming to say the very least. Over the years, I have realized those leaps make you the person you are. The reality of character shaping is exciting but it doesn’t make leaving your safe zone any less terrifying. I do try, slowly. 🙂