Re-purposing a Room

What to do with extra space?!

When we bought our house, the listing showed a “plus 1” room. There were a variety of ways we could purpose the room since it had a bathroom and a large patio door. The previous owner used the room as a family room, however with 2 other areas to entertain we didn’t require a room for that purpose. My husband needed a home office and this room absolutely fit the bill! It was on the main floor, bright and had a washroom, you can’t get more perfect than that!

So this is what I had to work with…


The pocket doors and wide trim were beautiful genuine solid wood. For once, I did not want to paint it. I decided to keep them natural with a complimentary paint color, bringing out the neutral tones of the carpet.

I really liked Benjamin Moore Oat Straw AF-340. The color was light enough to maintain the brightness of the room, but dark enough to introduce warmth.66217056991029447I50xSM5Lc