Getting to those Christmas Goals!

2d273fac9d3437b38a446f3b3440f34aIt is Friday… what a LONG week! Although the week has been a productive one, it did not seem to end.

The holiday season can be extremely hectic; with holiday parties, shopping and decorating… the list never ends. During the holidays my husband and I really try to slow things down, spend more time with each other and family. So far this year, we have not been very successful in doing so, but the effort is there!

This weekend, for a change, I do not have a list of obligations. It feels fantastic. I plan to work on my never-ending course, do some Christmas shopping, start making my wrapping accessories and bake. Yes, I said it BAKE!!!

Whoa… deep breath.

b8f63d0b3e50541036eff214fe567d53I am not a baker or a cook for that matter, but as you may know, trying to become more domestic. This weekend I am going to challenge myself to a little Christmas baking. I am a little nervous about it but hoping with a glass of wine or two to help put my mind at ease, everything will go smoothly.

I plan to attempt to make Ginger Sugar Cookies.

They are suppose to look like this…

Whether they actually turn out that way, we will wait and see!! (I am doubtful!)

Wishing everyone a great weekend! XO



Insightful Mondays Week 12

After experiencing a few frustrating moments as of late, I try to remind myself of this. It is harder sometimes than others, but in the end we will overcome the obstacles at some point.