Our Current State of Chaos

Over the last week, our home has been in a state of straight chaos. We are starting stage 1 of 3 of our kitchen facelift, this stage is by far the messiest. At this point, we are removing the backsplash tile, skimming our ceiling and backsplash area. Lots of dust and lots of dirt.

Ryan and I have been doing the demo ourselves, however we decided to go the professional route for the skimming. Not only is it a horrible job to do but a professional really has a flare for making it look perfect.

Right before I went to bed last night I snapped a photo of our living room. It feels like our entire house right now is upside down. What you can’t see is a couch that won’t fit in our basement in the middle of Ryan’s office and our basement full of random belongings from our garage sale we need to put away.

Although our home feels like a disaster zone right now, I can’t wait to have the whole project done this summer. It is going to look amazing!