How do you smell!?

I am a huge fan of perfumes, scented lotions and anything that smells delicious! As I matured, my taste in the scents I gravitate towards have noticeably changed. One of the most significant changes was when I started my career in a corporate environment.

IMG_1364I work in an office where we are asked to be respectful of our co-workers and apply any scents within reason. You may work in an environment that is “scent free” due to allergies or sensitivities of fellow colleagues, so the products you can use will be limited. A few years ago, I started to notice that my perfume was not as “mature” as I once thought it to be. It was the same perfume that I wore throughout university and it suddenly didn’t suit the professional image I was trying to convey. I wanted a scent that was light and mature but fresh and feminine. After months of trying out various samples, I have found a new scent that is work appropriate but doesn’t impede on my fellow colleagues. This process was a lot more difficult than I initially imagined. I couldn’t believe how many scents exist that truly do not suit me or didn’t give off the aroma that would work in a professional environment.

Personally, I believe how you smell is just as important as how your present yourself physically. Together with a polished wardrobe and appropriate grooming habits, a personally fitting scent will finish off your professional image.

What scents do you like?